Grey & White Pagne Tisee Throw. The Victoria Large Design


A beautiful handwoven classic design edged with a delicate black cotton trim with a white linen border. Combined with our matching Pagne Tissé cushions, on a sofa or across a bed, gives a sophisticated polished look to your living space.

About the fabric
Pagne Tissé - handwoven fabric on traditional looms from the Manjak people of Southern Senegal and Northern Guinea.

The beauty in this rich and complex weave lies not only in its look and feel, but also in knowing the exceptional amount of time it take to produce. It takes three days to set up the loom, connecting the hundreds of threads to make up the intricate design and then two weavers to manage it. An experienced weaver will take a day to weave 3-5 meters. It’s labour intensive art form that is becoming increasingly rare, a fading tradition that Tisserand Dakar seeks to promote and preserve with their beautiful and unique fabric lines.


190 cm x 190 cm

The details

Designed and made by Tisserand Dakar.

Cotton and Linen

Product care
Hand wash in cold water and dry flat

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