JUJU Hat from Cameroon


These JUJU Hats have come directly from Cameroon (via Dakar) from one of our trusted suppliers. It takes a skilled weaver to make these traditional headdresses, a skill passed down from generation to generation. The headdress represents centuries of deep ceremonial tradition of the Bamileke people, creating these hats for royals and dignitaries to wear at festivals and ceremonial dances. 

The hats can fold up into itself, to be transported easily. To open it up, you gently press the feathers down (not too forcibly and not all the way down). The feathers can then be gently manipulated to form a beautiful piece of wall art. 

The JUJU Hat would look great along side our Fele bowls on the wall (see picture). 

If you have any questions, please email us at info@emmela.co.uk.


The decorative feathers are discarded chicken feathers. Backing made from raffia and cedar wood. 

Do not place the JUJU Hat near or above a fire place due to the inflammability of the product. Nor in direct sunlight as it may discolour the feathers. 


45cm in diameter


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