Natural Boat Bread Basket


A cute table basket, handmade from natural palm leaves and interwoven with a fine blue thread of recycled matting. There’s a choice of keeping with the natural palm trim or edged with our soft blue or a vibrant pink leather.  An organically structured basket  - the beauty lies in its simplicity. 

We’re quite taken with this little basket as we haven’t seen anything like this before  in Africa. It is quite rustic in style and to warn you doesn’t sit upright on the table but we think it would be great for holding things like bread or napkins etc 


Bread baskets are handwoven from natural palm fibre grown in the Gambia. The fine thread interwoven through it is made from discarded plastic mats. 

Natural has no leather trim. 


The baskets are handwoven and will have imperfections. They are not mass produced in a factory where absolute perfection is machine achieved. We believe handcrafted imperfections make the product beautiful and unique. 

Made by IMADI WORLD basket weavers in Senegal. 

Dimensions are not uniform and will vary between 5-10%. Baskets are woven by many weavers living in different villages. They will have their own technique and style but will try their best to weave to a “ standard”


Length: 40cm & height: 14cm

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