Medium Natural Bowl with Brown Leather Trim- No NW01


Beautiful curved basket bowls, natural tones, gorgeous colour designs and our leather trims giving a sophisticated edge - the choice is yours! Fele bowls are a great centre piece in a kitchen or living area for holding fruit, tableware or just bits and bobs.  We use ours as a design feature too - check out or edit on wall art, using a stylish combination of our LAYU and FELE baskets. 


NDONN baskets are a traditional way of weaving using reeds from Guinea Conakry and palm leaf fibres from Senegal. It’s a long lost skill that Fatou has helped to revive in a couple of villages enabling the grandmothers to pass on their skills to the younger generation of women.

Edged with leather from St Louis, Senegal.


35cm in diameter and 12 cm in height.

The Details

Made by IMADI WORLD basket weavers in Senegal. 

Check out Fatou @ Imadi’s profile in our weavers and brand creators edit. Social impact at the heart of everything she does - employing weavers directly, developing and maintaining educational programmes in the villages. She’s passionate about preserving traditional techniques and the environment. We’re so impressed with her love and care of the weavers and her embedded connection to their families and communities. 

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