Three Small Layering Bead Necklaces (White, Brown & Green)


Three Small Layering Bead Necklace

These fun layering necklaces are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Worn as a single strand necklace or layer it to your heart’s content. Handmade sustainably from eco-friendly materials, locally sourced in Ghana from recycled glass bottles. Ideal small gift. 


These beads are called Seed or Waist beads. Powder glass beads are made using pulverised glass from discarded bottles

Glass beads are strung with the original rope string.

Handmade in Ghana. 


Circumference 32cm, drop 16cm


All our necklaces have been handmade and in their orignal raffia string which gives them a special raw, organic feel. As with all things handmade there will be variations in colour and size. Some of the glass beads will have slight imperfections - some are new, some old and some are very rare but they all have one thing in common - there’s only one of them! 




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