Placemats - White with Gold Trim


Placemats - White with Gold Trim

Beautiful white placemats with a gold trim. They are Interwoven with recycled plastic making them easy to wipe clean.

  • Handwoven from reeds grown in the Gambia and intertwined with old repurposed plastic prayer mats
  • The placemats are handwoven and will have imperfections. They are not mass produced in a factory where absolute perfection is machine achieved. We believe handcrafted imperfections make the product beautiful and unique.
  • There maybe differences in colour due to the natural materials used as well as slight surface imperfections such as broken woven strips. They are a natural part of the weaving process.
  • Made by IMADI WORLD basket weavers in Senegal.
  • Sold in sets of four


  • 30cm in Diameter

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