Small Rectangle Blue and Cream Stripe Cushion. Burkina Faso Pagne Tissé


We love stripes and handwoven pagne tissé and this cushion has them all! This one is extra special in that we only have two of them. As in all our handwoven fabric, quantity is scarce so when it’s gone, it’s gone for some time! It’s finished with complimentary linen back and a delicate concealed zip. 

About the fabric

Faso Dan Fani Pagne Tissé - handwoven fabric on traditional looms in Burkina Faso. Stripes are the signature style of handwoven fabrics from the region. The beauty in this rich and complex weave is not just in the look and feel of it, it’s knowing the exceptional amount of time it take to weave. It takes three days to set up the loom, connecting the hundreds of threads to make up the intricate design and then two weavers to manage the loom. An experienced weaver will take a day to weave 3-5 meters.


50 cm x 35 cm

Inner pillow not included


Faso Dan Fani Pagne Tisse handwoven in Burkina Faso.  

Cushion made by Tisserand Dakar. 

Cotton & Linen 

Product care

Hand wash in cold water and dry flat

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