Small Natural Ndonn Weave Storage basket with a lid.


Natural Ndonn Weave Storage basket with a lid.

Emmela is the first to bring you the NDONN baskets. They are very special baskets handcrafted only by a handful of skilled weavers. These baskets can be used for logs or kindling or for storage like blankets. 

Fatou @ IMADI has secured small batch production in two villages. It’s important to her keep this skill alive whilst the knowledge is available. It’s the older generation  - the grandmothers that are teaching the younger women in the village to weave the Ndonns. It provides a pension plan for a generation of women that wouldn’t necessarily have the means of earning a wage. 

  • NDONN baskets a long lost weaving skill, using reeds from Guinea Conakry and palm leaf fibres only from Senegal. 
  • Small: Height 33cms Diameter 36cms



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