White with Indigo Fabric Trim. The Douwe

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Our Douwe basket range comes in all sizes and colours from classic neutrals to bold colours inspired by the vibrancy of Dakar. This is extra special, trimmed with a gorgeous deep blue Indigo cloth sourced from Mali. 


Douwes are handwoven from reeds grown in the Gambia and intertwined with discarded plastic mats.

Indigo fabric was the foundation of the textile traditions in West Africa. It’s made from Bogolanfini / Mud cloth handcrafted from cotton fabric which is dyed using the process of fermented mud. It’s a time consuming process requiring more intense dying process than other Bogolanfini cloths. The various patterns and symbols seen on the fabric were traditionally a form of communication, conveying stories of the craftspeople to other villages.  

Leather from St Louis, Senegal.

Indigo fabric sourced from Mali.


The baskets are handwoven and will have imperfections. They are not mass produced in a factory where absolute perfection is machine achieved. We believe handcrafted imperfections make the product beautiful and unique.

Made by IMADI WORLD basket weavers in Senegal. 


Dimensions are not uniform and will vary between 5-10%. Baskets are woven by many weavers living in different villages. They will have their own technique and style but will try their best to weave to a “ standard”


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