White Basket with Pink Leather Trim. The Nghapp Basket.

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White Basket with Pink Leather Trim

NGHAPP (“gap”)

Nghapp baskets are very similar to the lidded Douwes with their beautiful curves but with a wider base and opening, allowing for a versatile range of storage uses. This one is our beautiful white range, set off with vibrant fresh pink leather trims.  

  • NGHAPP baskets are handwoven from reeds grown in the Gambia and intertwined with discarded plastic mats. 
  • Leather locally sourced from St Louis, Senegal.
  • The baskets are handwoven and will have imperfections. They are not mass produced in a factory where absolute perfection is machine achieved. We believe handcrafted imperfections make the product beautiful and unique. 
  • Made by IMADI WORLD basket weavers in Senegal. 





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