Placemats- Yellow, Set of 6


We have a beautiful rainbow array of colours in our placemats and coaster range. Bold colours perfect for a summer soirée or choose from our natural tones for your everyday family meal. Interwoven with recycled plastic making them easy to wipe clean.
Sold in sets of six.


Placemats and coasters are handwoven from reeds grown in the Gambia and intertwined with discarded plastic mats.


The baskets are handwoven and will have imperfections. They are not mass produced in a factory where absolute perfection is machine achieved. We believe handcrafted imperfections make the product beautiful and unique.

There maybe differences in colour due to the natural materials used as well as slight surface imperfections such as broken woven strips. They are a natural part of the weaving process.

Made by IMADI WORLD basket weavers in Senegal.

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